Easy Raspberry Lemonade

I’ve been making different lemonades just about every week. They’re a great way to keep cool in the summer.

This recipe was created for Babble’s Family Kitchen.


Easy Raspberry Lemonade


3/4 – 1 cup sugar (depending on how sweet you like your lemonade)
1 cup water
8 oz or 2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
1 cup lemon juice
11 cups or enough water to fill 2 quart pitcher


1. Combine sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir in sugar to dissolve. Let cool

2. Add lemon juice, sugar water and raspberries to blender. Blend on high

3. Stir using a fine mesh stainer and add to a 2 quart pitcher. Finish filling with water and stir to combine.

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