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Jerk Pork

In my quest to try and change up my classic pulled pork recipe again, I’ve created a jerk style pulled pork sandwich. For this recipe, I used a leaner cut of pork to cut down on the fat in the recipe, a rib end cut, but you can use a shoulder if you like. For the seasonings, I used all the classic jerk seasonings in this recipe along with some traditional bottled BBQ sauce. Alternatively you can just use a pre-made jerk seasoning. Then I just add all the ingredients to my crock pot and walk away. 8 hours later you have tender, spicy island style pork.

I served this pork on onion buns and with a simple salad. It was another easy dinner idea and a great reason to use my crock pot.

Speaking of crock pots, I have got several emails asking me about the best crock pots to buy. As I understand it, crock pots are extremely simple. There’s a heating element and a bowl. You really don’t need all the bells and whistles on some of those fancy crock pots, since most all recipes found in cookbooks or on the web direct you to turn your crock pot to high or low. I don’t think timers are necessary either because most recipes are better the longer they cook. It’s so hard to burn something in them. The only key elements in a crock pot are that is must have a removable bowl for easy washing. I have an old rival that’s older than me that doesn’t have a removable bowl and it’s a pain in the you know what. And it must have a high and low setting. That’s it.

My current crock pot is a West Bend brand. My family and friends all have different brands. I see very little difference in them, besides aesthetics and useless (to me anyway) bells and whistles.  My recommendation would be to buy the one you think looks best in your kitchen and fits your budget the best.

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