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Orange Almond Cake


Since my husband and I have started our healthy eating habits, one of the things we had to give up were sweets. No more chocolate chip cookies, brownies or ice cream. It’s been difficult, but we’ve learned to deal with it.

So a few weeks ago when I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to research some healthier desserts, and I came across an orange cake. SInce one of my all time favorite cakes has been pound cake, I thought this cake would really hit the spot.

I didn’t really have much faith in this cake, but since the main ingredients were lots of eggs and almonds, I thought how bad could it be.

Well, it turns out this cake wasn’t only not that bad, it was wonderful. Actually, one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. It’s delicately sweet, nutty and bursting with orange goodness. It’s super moist and makes a perfect accompaniment to coffee, tea or milk. It turned out to be one of those recipes I  know I’ll make again and again.


This cake does take some time, because you first have to boil some oranges for a few hours until they are nice and tender. You start with two whole oranges, cut them in half for easier cooking and just boil them until the rinds are translucent all the way through.

Next, you have to be really careful to remove each and every seed. If you miss a seed, your pulp will be bitter and you’ll have to start over. In case of a mistake, I cook one or two extra oranges, and then pulverize one orange at a time in the food processor and taste the pulp before adding it to my other ingredients. This way if you taste bitterness, you know you left a seed, and you can just toss that orange.

After you have your sweet pulp all pulverized, just mix it with eggs, almond four, sugar and baking powder. Then just spray a baking dish with Baker’s Joy®, the original non-stick baking spray with flour. It’s convenient, mess-free & guarantees a non-stick release every time!


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This post sponsored by Baker’s Joy. All opinions 100% mine. 

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